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It is widely accepted that automated material handling systems boost throughput, productivity and accuracy. However, such systems generally require large capital investments. Simulation is an excellent tool to justify these investments by addressing fundamental questions such as:

  • What is the improvement in throughput after automation?
  • Is the system being utilized efficiently?
  • How well will the system handle future volumes?
  • What is the estimated operating cost?
Larvik has extensively simulated different types of automation such as robots, tote & pallet conveyors, cross-belt & tilt tray sorters, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), electrified monorail systems (EMS) and Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Our simulations have helped customers to

  • Validate equipment requirement, throughput and utilization at current and projected volumes
  • Design controls strategies for optimum routing of product
  • Determine running costs based on power consumption (operating minutes, battery drain under different load conditions etc.) and equipment uptime

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