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Real-time visibility helps you to improve production and quality by live monitoring of critical operations. But until recently, it was largely confined to organizations that could afford to invest in automated data collection, MES, WMS etc. However, the rapid development of mobile applications has made it possible for small and medium enterprises to avail of such solutions at reasonable costs. Through the use of a wireless network, PLCs and tablets, you can access real time data to:

  • Improve production planning
  • Remotely monitor, control and troubleshoot equipment
  • Reduce rejections and wastage
  • Increase equipment & manpower utilization
  • Get critical insights using data analytics

Larvik is a distributor and systems integrator of Production 360™, a product of Entrib Technologies, India ( Entrib specializes in the development of mobility solutions for improving work force productivity. Click here to learn more about Production 360™.