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The explosive growth of automation and information technology (IT) on the shop floor has increased the complexity of commissioning of such systems, resulting in cost and time overruns. Errors in commissioning can lead to increased downtime and affect product quality and availability. On the human front, controls engineers and software programmers face enormous pressure and stress during commissioning, which is also aggravated by a shortage of skilled manpower.

Virtual commissioning is an approach that uses simulation to debug and validate the real world software and hardware in an offline environment, thus significantly reducing commissioning time.

Why emulate?

  • Validate functional specifications early on in the design stage
  • Simply acceptance tests through 3D visualization and enhance stakeholder satisfaction
  • Minimize downtime during upgrades by re-using the emulator
  • Enable offline training of personnel
  • Stress test hardware and software by generating a large number of signals and messages from the emulation (particularly relevant in the emulation of "Pick To Light" systems, in which the WMS server issues commands to hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of lights)
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