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Work study is the scientific analysis of the tasks to complete an operation, with the twin objectives of improving process efficiency and establishing standards of performance. In a nutshell, work study creates a knowledge base of “How, When, Where, Why, What and Who” of the work at an operation.

Video time & method studies are far more effective than conventional stop-watch techniques for capturing shop-floor operations. The highly visual nature of the data enables easier detection of waster, errors and discrepancies in the process, be it manual or automated.

Larvik is a distributor of WorkPro™, a product of DevPro Engineers & Consultants, India ( WorkPro™ enables you to import a video recording of the process and analyze activities in detail. The software can break down activities up to a resolution of 0.04 seconds, thus ensuring a high degree of accuracy.

We also offer consultancy & training services for WorkPro™. Click here to learn more about WorkPro™.