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Finding a parking spot is a universal problem, especially in the crowded cities of the developing world. Automated car parking systems provide a highly compact, multi-level parking solution that occupies a smaller footprint than conventional parking lots. The complexity ranges from simple stackers & carousels to large systems deploying lifts & shuttles to transport cars to available slots.

From a mechanical standpoint, each piece of equipment in isolation is able to handle the target hourly volume. However, variability in the arrival and departure profile of cars can adversely affect the projected performance. For example, an automated car park at a residential or office complex witnesses heavy inflow & outflow during the morning and evening hours. On the other hand, a mall is characterized by a gradual build-up starting from the afternoon.

Larvik builds detailed, 3-D and to-scale simulations, which enable you to evaluate the feasibility of an automated car parking system. Click here to learn more about our car parking simulations.