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Modern civilization would be unthinkable without steel, an alloy that we use every single day in some form or the other. The transformation from iron ore to ingots, billets, blooms & slabs involves complex metallurgical reactions and production processes.

The heart of a steel plant is the Steel Making Shop (SMS), where iron ore from the Blast Furnace (BF) is converted to molten steel. Although the operations are continuous by nature, the handling of molten metal between the BF & SMS, and within the SMS is discrete, taking place on torpedo ladles, hot metal ladles and steel ladles. The BF and SMS literally operate 24 x 7, and hence throughput losses cannot easily be made up. A daily drop of one heat translates to an annual drop of 70,000 tons (assuming a 200T hot metal ladle and 350 working days in a year).

Through detailed 3D simulations, we analyze the discrete logistics (torpedo ladle, crane and slag pot) to identify and resolve bottlenecks. Click here to learn how Larvik can help you improve throughput in your steel facility.