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Airports are mega distribution hubs, receiving and dispatching passengers, baggage and cargo. The baggage handling system (BHS) is an invisible yet vital contributor to the effective functioning of an airport. Today, large airports routinely handle over 100,000 bags per day. Growth in air traffic (estimated 3.5 billion passengers in 2014 as per IATA) will only amplify the strain on the BHS. Heightened security considerations also call for fool-proof in-line scanning systems.

Our baggage handling simulations are based on the actual layout and detailed specifications such as flight arrival & departure schedules, sorters, destination-coded vehicles (DCVs), early bag storage and security. The result is a highly accurate simulation that helps measure and analyze the following:

  • Throughput
  • Bag transit time (entry to exit)
  • Impact of missing / torn baggage tags
  • Impact of induct and drop-off strategies
  • Early bag storage requirements
  • Hold bag requirements (security)

Contact us for a detailed simulation of your existing or proposed baggage handling system.