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While there has always been emphasis on reducing the cost of external logistics, it is only during the past few years that in-plant (or internal) logistics have received attention. For example, due to extensive application of Just-In-Time (JIT) concepts, trucks arrive more frequently at the plant, leading to queuing at the gates and docks. Delayed loading & unloading of trucks increases the turn-around time, thus offsetting gains made in the optimization of external logistics.

Our in-plant logistics simulations model the flow of material from gate to dock, dock to stores, stores to line side, line side to finished goods stores, and onwards to dispatch. The simulations enable us to measure and analyze:

  • Truck turnaround time (gate to docks to gate)
  • Inbound & outbound gate requirements
  • Queuing at entry and exit gates
  • Impact of internal and external road restrictions
  • Truck movement between gates and docks
  • Inbound and outbound dock requirements & utilization
  • Raw material and finished goods storage requirement
  • MHE requirements and utilization (forklifts, tuggers etc)
  • Kitting and line side delivery strategies
  • Impact of aisle width on tugger train size
  • Impact of variability in production schedule on inventory and material delivery

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